Shadowrun - The Lost Soul Campaign

SR4-02 Session 2

The group was hired to extract yet another Parker from a high rise building across the street — in 15 minutes! They pull it off (in style, with the help of the mind controlled MC/Security Chief), only to discover that their Mr. Johnson was the other Parker. At least once they let the other Parker wake up. Bad news — this new Parker doesn’t have their cash. The good news, the new Parker has stolen some magical intel that is worth real nuyen on the open market, and a finder’s fee should be easy to arrange with the right buyer. The group shops around and decides on the Atlantean Foundation. The drop is interrupted by the Ninja Assassin Lin Yao and his evil minior, Guy With A Bad-Ass Monofilament Whip. The Whip Ninja asenses the group, sees the Drake, and slices and dices. Lin Yao targets the Gun Bunny and takes out her non-lethal shooting hand, along with a second serious wound with a sniper rifle. The party’s own Whip Ninja (Cutter) steps in, with Mal delivering the final blow, and Lin Yao disappears into the night before the group can find him. The meet is re-located to the Barrens, the transaction goes smoothly this time, and all is well.

Payout: $8,000 each. Some good equipment (Brian — there’s a Eichiro Hatamoto II Heavy Pistol, 8P -2, RC 0, smartlinked with 1 clip of explosive ammo plus an accompanying quick draw holster in it for you if you want it). 6 Karma.


brandyb brandyb

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