General Background

Malcolm Jr and Trixie’s father was assassinated several years ago. Trixie has dedicated her life to finding the one who pulled the trigger, while Malcolm Jr is building resources to discover who hired the assassin. Blake also has a desire to seek the assassin, since her partner was covering her leave of absence and killed by the assassin as well. The team is shadowrunning primarily in order to get enough resources to accomplish these goals

Malcolm Jones, Sr.

Malcolm Jones was a jock who became a sales rep for Ares Macrotechnology right out of college. He was good with people and quickly rose through the ranks. He became a mid level VP in Seattle, got a beautiful elven trophy wife from Tir Nairngire, and had twins (a son, Malcolm Jr, and daughter, Trina). He was a company man living the corp dream, until he was killed. His wife returned to the Tir, and his children turned to the shadows for answers.


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