Shadowrun - The Lost Soul Campaign


The team met with Detective Tosh and (via AR) DA Oaks, who is hiring them to find “Junior”, the leader of a new crime syndicate that is stirring up trouble. The conditions of the job are that Junior is taken in alive, and that no civilians be killed in the process. Tosh gave the team a set of addresses to check out. A couple of news reporters have caught the trail of the story, and offered a bonus to the team if they share the story (all sources shall remain confidential, of course).

The team hit a dead end on the first address, but paydirt on the second. A couple of known hangouts were discovered. Unfortunately, the Yaks found out about Murphy’s Law before the team did, resulting in a violent clash between the groups. The next stop found a bartender who was willing to share some info for the appropriate bribe, and has agreed to let the team use The Gravity Bar’s entrance to the Orc Underground.

The team is just about the enter the tunnels…

Notes: pay 8500 each, journalists 1000 each, Parker has donned a Hello Kitty mask, and Trixie attempted to intimidate people, which they all found highly amusing.

SR4-00 Session 3

The team got a call from Knight Errant contacts re: capture of Jack Turner. They’ll be owed a favor if they can get him to the surface.

There was a shootout near the warehouse. They took cover in the alley nearby, and went around to the back. After a shootout with the orks, and a fight with the fire spirits, they entered the house. They fought the guards that had retreated to the upstairs, along with the drones up there, and mind controlled Jack into giving them the Morel Stone and turning himself and his ship in to Knight Errant, as well as rescuing Fiona. The drops all went smoothly, and the party made $8600 each, plus 4 medium machine guns and some spare Ares Predators.

Medium Machine Guns (3) — 6P AP-2, one of the 4 will be sold, the sale price will cover the cost of modifying one remaining gun for Trixie. The last 2 guns are with the Rigger, for mounting on drones or vehicles, to be determined.

8600 NY
6 Karma

Faction Reps:
ORC – no change
City of Seattle/Knight Errant +1
Atlantean Foundation +1
Draco Foundation +1

SR4-00 Session 2

Group runs into Trixie, who was hanging around looking for work. Were offered a second job — collect an obsidian shard that Fiona was supposed to smuggle in, for 2200 each. Mr J: Laurent Nazaire, Atlantean Foundation.

The group did some legwork and discovered that Fiona checked into the Mulvihill Hotel, 158th Ave SE, Bellevue. They got a room and checked in. Parker turned invisible, stalked a maid, palmed a keycard and copied it. The group then scouted astrally, and found nothing in the room. The group went into the room, and found a mess, and a diary, but no Fiona or artifact. In the diary was a note “Jack Turner, 20:00”. Legwork turned up Jack’s location – the Pirate’s Cove, in the Orc Underground area. The team took Mal’s boat, except Parker and the dragon who flew invisibly, straight into Pirate’s cove. No Capt Jack on the boat, so they asked around, and found his warehouse. It’s warded, with a couple of watcher spirits casing the runners. And no one’s answering the door.

Next up: a big fight… and an unusual request.

Module SR04-00 session 1

The group got a request to meet at Underworld 93 (a club). They meet up at a nearby bar for introductions, then go to the Maria Mercurial concert, meeting in a back room with Mr Johnson after the set.

Random trivia: the MC at Underworld 93 is a dragon [at least astrally].

The Job: Find a missing woman. Fiona Craig, an archeologist just arrived in Seattle from Greece. Not a resident of Seattle, missed several meetings.

Pay: 3400 each for the job (including absent party members).

On the way out of the building, Maria Mercurial was assaulted by a half dozen Toxic Spirit Abominations with signs saying “You sold out!” and other slanders. The party successfully defended Maria, and Malcolm Jr. got her phone number.

Next stop: Scene 3. As the party leaves Underworld 93….


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