Shadowrun - The Lost Soul Campaign

SRM-04-12 Showcase Part 2

The team recovered the artifacts and gave them back to their initial Johnson, in this case the museum and Knight Errant, after wiping out the mages and an exciting car chase involving the first appearance of “I can make it rain (harder)”. The museum and Knight Errant are both pleased, but all the other groups are a little miffed.

Payout: 18,000 + 5,000 hazard pay
Karma: 6
+1 Street Cred
Faction Reps
Atlantean, Draco, Lung, Saeder-Krupp -1

Factions Update
ORC +3
City of Seattle/Knight Errant +2
Atlantean Foundation +1
Draco Foundation -5
Lung / Lin Yao Chang +2
Saeder Krupp -1

street cred +11
public awareness +3
notoriety 0 (remnant of being set up)
SR p.265 – Mal, read up on how this will give you bonuses to some social skills.

LS03 Spirit Quest

The team discovers that Azazel is trapped on a metaplane, and do an astral quest to rescue him. The metaplane in which he is trapped seems to be a recreation of the last magical age, and Mal learns some history of his magical ring (including its name), which opens up some new powers to him.

Azazel is held in the center of a floating island, apparently powering it. The team encounters another team, also attempting to rescue Azazel, in the depths of the mountain – the encountered team appears to be from the age in which Azazel is trapped, and may represent something from his history. Trixie also got a little close to something dark in the depths of the mountain. All returned to the home plane, including Azazel and Mal unlocks some of the ring’s powers.

SRM-04-12 Showcase


First Trixie goes missing.. well most of her does. She seems to have been pushed physically into another metaplane, with all her cyberware left behind (ew). Mal dives into research (and eventually drugs), Azazel refuses to go through the unstable portal (that closes itself in a day), and no one really knows what to do… a week later, she’s back, but thinks it’s been a year. She’s lost her cyber, but gained magic, and has learned to do some hacking while she’s been away.

The job:

Someone has stolen the powerful, dangerous artifacts that the team has been carefully collecting (and selling). The team has discovered three groups, and it looks like the New Dawn has them… now the only question is who do you want to sell to, and who can give you the best backup. (Since that same group nearly killed Trixie in the last encounter.)


The team, well really Chance, is hired to start a riot and turn the tide of the election. The team also gets some major payback to the guy responsible for setting them up for those high profile murders a while back. And in the end, Prop 23 passes.

SRM04-10 Zombie Apolcalypse

Shadowrun Halloween Special!! Fiona’s partner is kidnapped, along with a mysterious Jade Cup. Then the dead start rising, and you know, eating people’s brains. Well, killing people anyway. Eventually the cup and Kelley Colt are found – Kelley seems to be inadvertently powering the cup, which is creating the zombies. Big bad undead mage killed, zombies go back to being dead, and all is well with the world again. Well, as well as can be expected.

LS02 Bloody Mage (part 2)

The team finally tracked down the blood mage’s secret lab, and cleared it out, finding some out that the mage had apparently been collecting blood samples of the Jones family, in addition to many rare awakened creatures, and using those samples in an attempt to treat the HMHVV virus. The Blood Mage was in KE custody for a few days before meeting with a mysterious accident.

The team new has very creepy safehouse in the woods.

LS02 Bloody Mage

Following up on Anarchy’s note, you found a clinic with a bad rep. Investigating revealed a blood spirit and some kind of experimentation with HMHVV. Going down through the staff roster and interviewing folks, you find an ally within DocWagon who helps you track down the blood mage’s identity, and go after him at his home. Unfortunately, he’s locked in his safe room, but you manage to get his notes before Knight Errant arrives. You think that the clinic was one of several “test sites” and that there is another location called “The Lab”. Your contact at DocWagon also discovered that the Mage took samples of blood from Mal during his last visit to the DocWagon facility. The doctor is currently with Knight Errant, and out of reach, but you think you can find The Lab. Hopefully you’ll find some answers there.

SRM04-09 Assassin Nation

The team was hired for a data grab. Granted, a rather high profile target – the DA’s home, but still a data grab. Then things took a serious dive – it was a setup, and the team was framed for killing the DA and his family, as well as the ORC spearheading Prop 13 and ADA Dana Oaks. In the process of investigating who set them up, the team is picked up by Tosh, accompanied by a not-so-dead Dana Oaks, who confirmed with witnesses that the team was set up, and offered them an opportunity to clear their names. Newly promoted DA Dana Oaks has made sure that the evidence was brought to light, but the recent publicity hasn’t been great for business.

LS01 Session 1. Magical Malcolm.

There’s a saying, he’d forget his head if it wasn’t attached. Well, Mal seems to have lost his whole body. The mages search for Mal, but it seems he not only managed to slip into the Astral Plane, but has slipped into another meta plane entirely.

The team gets some of the drug for allowing mundanes to plane walk on the cheap from their happy Mr. J, and dives in after him. At the Threshold, the Watcher has a visitor, the desert spirit who was taking out the bugs after Trixie got shot, and carried her to the docwagon facility where they were keeping Mal. He introduces himself as Azazel. He directs them to the portal, with a few instructions. Avoid the Therans. Keep Trina safe (an eye opener for those in the group who knew pre-surgery Trina/Trixie). Mal must learn to use the ring.

They enter a desert plane, negotiate with a tribe of warriors on horseback, and run when the Therans, who are apparently mages, show up looking for a fight. They found Mal at an oasis, convinced that he was tripping, and eventually bring him back.

Time to go see Mom. The Tir gives the group a surprisingly hard time considering the new tourism boom there, and Mal and Trixie in particular. They get through the red tape, and get to the house to find mom gone. They search the place for clues, and find a secret study with a magically locked box, but can’t find the key. There are no signs that mom was planning a trip – her luggage and travel things are still in place. There are small signs of a struggle detected by the more perceptive team members. Time to find out what happened to Mom, no easy task with “tou guides” dogging the team’s every step.


The group took on a job for Willy King, a talismonger who owns New Babylon, to check out what’s going on in an orphanage in the Barrons. The kids are mysteriously ill, and the cause can’t be found. The group arrives and the mages notice some bad astral juju. Mal fell unconscience when they got near the orphanage. The team asked some questions and discovered that one of the assistants was being blackmailed. Someone had taken her sister, and in return for her sister’s safety, she drugged everyone before retiring so they could be taken in the night. Legwork revealed that the kidnapper was a former member of the Universal Brotherhood. The team set an ambush for the kidnapper, and discovered very human looking insect spirits were sent to pick everyone up. They discovered the location of the hive, and set off to do some exterminating, after a quick call to Dana Oaks just in case. On the way to the hive, Mal seemed to have some kind of seizure, and Cutler took him to the hospital. The rest of the team continued with the assault. Trixie was mortally wounded, and was saved from death by the appearance of some kind of Desert Spirit, who protected her while the team took out the shamans summoning the queen spirit (who was inhabiting the sister, of course). Trixie woke in the DocWagon facility next to Mal, who it seems had gone Astral and lost his way…


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