Light of the Desert

Azazel's ring, Mal's signet ring


Artifact from the Fourth Age…

Default Powers: Link to Azazel (protective spirit); masking level 10 (to mask the ring’s magical aura – does not provide masking to the wearer) – masking is dropped when LB powers are activated (and resumes when they are “off”).

Ancient artifacts require both karma and knowledge keys to unlock their powers. (EarthDawn style artifact rules, ported to Shadowrun.)

10 levels.

Currently unlocked:

Level 1: Naming

Knowledge Key: Name the ring
Karma: 0
Powers: Ability to summon Azazel as a free spirit (0 services)
LB: Repulse Darkness repulses insect spirits, wraiths, shadow spirits, and shedim. Spirits in this group must make a Willpower roll in order to come within Magic meters of wearer.

Level 2: Origin of the Ring

Knowledge Key: discover Azazel’s home plane (Legend: Azazel becomes a Protector)
Karma: 5
Powers: +2 influence tests; +2 to all legwork rolls (loyalty and connection)
Azazel: is now summoned with 1 service
LB: Edge Transfer wearer can permanently burn an edge point to save someone’s life

Level 3: The Protected Peoples

Knowledge Key: Name Azazel’s tribe (Legend: Finding a Safe Haven)
Karma: 5
Powers: +2 summoning skill group
Azazel: Wearer can metaplanar travel with Azazel
LB: Radiant Circle Creates a glowing circle (radius Magic in meters) that acts as a barrier against Darkness spirit group (insects, wraiths, shadows, shedim). Damage to the circle must be resisted as drain.

Level 4: The Great War

Knowledge Key: Discover a secret detail about the last magical age (Legend: EarthDawn Age of Legends)
Karma: 5
Powers: Summoned spirits owe +2 services (must be summoned with at least 1 service)
Azazel: knows Azazel’s spirit code
LB: Steel Believer +2 to all rolls, group, when fighting Darkness spirit group (insects, wraiths, shadows, shedim)

Level 5: Lightbringer

Knowledge Key: Discover what a Lightbringer is (Legend: The Lightbringers)
Karma: 5
Powers: Ring can act as a sustaining focus (1 spell, up to magic rating) with no karma binding cost
LB: Power of Light can re-roll failed saves versus Darkness spirit group (insects, wraiths, shadows, shedim). Drain = [# failed by] +2


Light of the Desert is an ancient ring from the Fourth Age (or perhaps older) that is linked to the protective desert spirit Azazel. The ring has been passed down as a signet ring through many generations, until reaching Malcolm Sr, and now Malcolm Jr.

Light of the Desert

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