Trixie (Trina Jones)

Current Mage and Hacker, Former Gun Bunny (elf)


Character Sheet
Trixie (v.2.0)

Elvish female

B: 2 … C: 7 … E: 1
A: 2 .… I: 5 … Essence: 6
R: 5 .… L: 1 … Init: 10(1) Matrix: 11(3)
S: 1 .… W: 5 … Magic: 6

Aptitude: Spellcasting
Bad Luck
Incompetent – Intimidation
SINner, Trinellia Jones
Record on file with Ares
Quirks – sleeps around, hunts father’s killer

Perception 4 (I 5)
Assensing 2 (I 5)—
Etiquette 1 (C 7)
Pistols 3 (A 2)
Astral Combat 1 (W 5)
Spellcasting 7 (M 6)
Counterspelling 4 (M 6)
Summoning 1 (M 6)
Banishing 1 (M 6)
Cracking Group 4 (L 1)
Computer 2 (L 1)
Data Search 2 (L 1)

Stunball, R: LOS, D: I, Drain: F/2+1
Powerbolt, R: LOS, D: I, Drain: f/2+1
Analyze Truth LOS, Fetish, R: LOS, D: S, Drain F/22
Detect Enemies, Fetish, R: T, D: S, Drain F/2+3
Mind Probe, Fetish, R: T, D: S, Drain F/2+2
Heal, Fetish, R: T, D: P, Drain: DV-2
Increase Reflexes, Self-only, R: T, D: S, Drain F/2+1
Resist Pain, R: T, D: P, Drain DV-4
Improved Invisibility, voluntary only, multi-sense (auditory, thermo, etc – not tactile)
R: LOS, D: S, Drain: F/2+2
Orgy, R: LOS, D: S, Drain F/2
Mob Mind, Fetish, R: LOS, D: S, Drain: F/2+4
Influence (Mental), R: LOS, D: P, Drain: F/2+1
Levitate (Physical), R: LOS, D: S, Drain F/2+1
I can make it rain, Fetish, R: LOS, D: S, Drain F/2+3 (AoE: several blocks)

Magical Gear
Sustaining Focus, Force 3, Increased Reflexes
Lodge Materials, Force 6
Fetishes (charm bracelet) 3*D(50)1*H(500)2*M(300)

John Myers, Ares marketing exec L1/C5
Captain Adam Wilson, Lone Star L1/C5
Infinileet, Hacker L1/C5
Willie Ashman, Ancients Gang L1/C5
Marco Steffani, Mafia Consiglieri L1/C5
Richard Waver, Fixer L1/C1

Hacking Gear
Commlink: Renraku Sensei Response 2, Signal 4; Renraku Ichi OS Firewall 2, System 2
Commlink: Hermes Ikon Response 6, Signal 5
Custom Firewall, System 6, optimized for Browse (+1), Response Enhancer: +3 Matrix Init, Armor case rating 10
Sim Module with Hot Sim & Trodes, AR Gloves, Subvocal Mic, Sat Link
Skinlink for Commlink & devices
Programs (Rating 6): Armor, Attack, Biofeedback Filter, Blackout, Decrypt, Defuse, ECCM, Exploit, Medic, Sniffer, Spoof, Stealth, Track

Other Gear
Camo Suit 8/6
Urban Explorer + Helmet 6/8
Fake Sin Rating 4
Gun License Rating 4
Suzuki Mirage
Goggles 4, Smartlink, Enh 3, Mag, Link
Tag Eraser
Earbuds 2, Audio Enh 3, Spatial Recog
White Noise Generator
Concealable Holster
2x Ares Predator 5P-1
4 spare clips (ammo 15 each)
100 rounds regular + gel ammo
Stoner – Ares M202
Contacts: Flare comp, low light, thermo, ultra
75 rounds EX ammo, 30 APDS
Docwagon Basic (free year)
Low Lifestyle

Knowledge Skills
English N
Sperethiel 4
Fashion 4
Seattle Runner Scene 4
Seattle Runners 4
Ares Tech 2



Trixie was forced into an alternate meta-plane by someone who was threatening Mal, as a show of magical power in an attempt to intimidate him. Trixie was stripped of her cyberware during the transition, and mysteriously survived, due to some of her heritage of which she is not aware, and also due to the kindness of a stranger who healed her. The transition triggered Trixie’s latent magical genes (which now have some essence to work with), and she found a knack for spell casting. The metaplane in which she found herself had strict rules about magic use, and so Trixie also learned hacking in order to break into secure systems to learn new spells. After about a year, Trixie learned the secret of physical travel between the planes, and found her way home (not that hard, really, since her body “belongs” there.) Due to the differences in time between planes, Trixie’s year was about a week in the physical plane. Trixie’s magic and aura appear a little “off” when astrally perceiving due to her magic triggering in a metaplane.


Trixie the newb Shadowrunner returned to Seattle about one year ago. In the past year, Trixie has been making a name for herself as a solo runner and bodyguard. She’s made contacts in street gangs, organized crime, and even the hacker community. She lives a Low lifestyle. Now it’s finally time to find a team to join.

The Real Bio (only Mal knows this info)

Malcom Sr died 2 years ago, while Trina was out east in college. She immediately returned for the funeral, then helped her mom pack up for the move back to Tir Tairngire. Her mom tried to get Trina to head back to college or at least move to the Tir with her, but it didn’t work. Trina just couldn’t let things go. Ares wasn’t getting anywhere with the investigation. She tried talking to her father’s co-workers and some family friends, but they couldn’t help. Fed up, Trina decided she needed to go underground. She withdrew all of the money she could get from her trust fund and arranged to have a little work done. She had to sleep with a few people and call in a few favors, but she got all the mods done in an Ares clinic in Denver. It was kind-of mostly done through channels, and a few records were intentionally misplaced when it was all done. After that, she went off the grid. She spent the rest of the first year practicing her skills and learning her new ware in Denver. (She’s a little slow.) With a new name, face, and attitude, Trixie the newb Shadowrunner returned to Seattle about one year ago. She met up with only her brother and a few VERY close family friends (John Myers and Adam Wilson) who she thought could not have been involved in the murder, just to let them know her plans. She doesn’t think that her brother’s method will work, so she decided to stay away from him for a bit. She wants to work (or sleep) her way into established runner teams to find out discretely if they were involved in her father’s murder. (She’s willing to join her brothers team if it helps her street cred, but she plans to maintain her Runner identity.)

Trixie (Trina Jones)

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