Drake (Janet Blake)

Drake Adept


Character Sheet

Human female, Drake

B: 5 …… C: 2 … E: 1
A: 4 …… I: 3 … Essence: 6
R: 4 (6) L: 3 … Init: 7 (9) IP: 3
S: 4 …… W: 2 … Magic: 5

Gremlins Level 3
Records on File
Lost Loved One
Addiction (Mild) Remind me what you’re addicted to
Poor Self Control, Thrill Seeker

Adept Powers
Penetrating Strike
Killing Hands
Critical Strike
Improved Reflexes Level 2
Pain Resistance
Mystic Armor

Stealth group 3
Pistols (spec. revolvers) 2 (“+2”)
Intimidation 2
Unarmed Combat 4
Perception 3
Dodge 3
Pilot Ground Craft 2
Exotic Ranged Weapon 2
Assensing 1
Astral Combat 1

Knowledge Skills
Seattle Street Gangs 3
Security Procedures 3
Ares Corp Structure 3
Area Knowledge Seattle 3
Seattle Club Scene 3
Drake Society 3

Ares Fixer L1/C3
Drake Coven L3/C2
AJ Private Dick L2/C4
Guiles Drake L2/C4

Survival Knife “S/2+1P AP-1”
Ceramic Knife “S/2+1P”
Ruger Super Warhawk “6P AP-2”, SS, with hidden gun arm slide
Raecor Sting “6P AP+2”, SS, Conceal -5 with concealable holster
Streetline Special “4P”, SS, Conceal -5 with concealable holster
50 regular ammo

Low Lifestyle (1 month)
Armor Jacket
Fake SIN Rating 3
Fake License Rating 3
Maglock Rating 3
Lockpick set Rating 6
Meta Link
Vector Xim


You could say Janet Blake was an Ares bodyguard before she was even born. Her mother was an Ares bodyguard and her father was a dispatcher for Ares security. Having been a bit on the beefy side growing up, Janet had always preferred a more hands on approach to combat. She found it hard to get interested in using a gun when you can do so much more satisfying damage close up. Ares however tended to prefer guards who could show off their wares while kicking ass and taking names in defense of the corporation and it’s resources. Her young career was already stagnating until she was attached to a junior executive who had just reached the point in his career where he qualified for a personal bodyguard. Considered a “starter” bodyguard she didn’t expect to be brought up the corporate ladder with him. The executive however took a shine to her. He appreciated the fact that he could go into a potentially hostile situation and not necessarily worry if the contacts demanded his guards surrender their weapons. She was particularly useful in the situations where her boss needed to deal with “deniable assets” in higher security settings. Shadowrunners always seemed better at smuggling in weapons than corporate security.

All that changed when exposure to a magical artifact triggered a transformation. One moment she was wresting an Aztec idol from a mage and the next her entire body was rearranging in an incredibly painful manner. The mage escaped with the idol. It was several days before Janet figured out she could turn back into a human being.

The transformations were unpredictable. There seemed to be no pattern. Even worse, she found electronic devices, even her comm unit, no longer seemed to function reliably when she handled them. Eventually she went against the advice of the Ares doctors and talked to her parents about it. When she described the symptoms her father hung his head and quietly said “oh dear, just like your late Grandfather.” It turned out there was a thin line of “Latent Dracomorphosis” running though the family. The few who had experienced the transformation had done so only after exposure to a powerful magical artifact, usually one made by or for dragons. It was why no one on her father’s side of the family ever meddled in magic.

Armed with this information she went to her boss. He pulled some corporate strings, rather formidable ones now that he had moved as high in the Ares hierarchy as he had, to find a few contacts who could help her. He nicknamed her “Blake the Drake” in a jovial way, making sure she knew he expected her to return as his personal bodyguard once she had her transformations under control. She later learned that her lover, Conrad Reidner, had been selected as her short term replacement. He was a skilled mystical adept who could also work a few basic offensive spells, a rare but not unheard of combination. Her boss’ family sent her numerous well wishes early on. The wife in particular seemed very disappointed to see her go. Janet never quite shook the impression that her bland appearance and obvious interest in magicians made her far less threatening to a wife than a more glamorous or attractive guard.

Thanks to her boss, she was soon in contact with a coven of Drakes of varying magical ability. She learned to use Dragonspeech to telepathically communicate with those in her line of sight. She learned to control her transformations. She even learned how to use her breath weapon. The first time she let lose with a cone of electricity instead of the stereotypical fire she understood why electronics were no longer reliable when she handled them. She even had an avenue to pursue initiation if she wanted. She very desperately wanted to learn how to mask her aura so the nature of her shape shifting ability would not be revealed at the slightest magical glance.

There was a cost for the aid, other than participating in initiation rites and helping train any other new Drakes they found. Yes, she was now part of a group of Drakes and knew where to find others of her kind, but she had a task. It wasn’t a geas, just a condition of her entrance to the coven.

If she ever found the mage who had escaped with the magical artifact that had triggered her transformation, she was to kill him. She was then to destroy the artifact or get it into the hands of a Drake with connections to the coven. She’d accepted the condition despite lingering doubts. These doubts evaporated in the weeks after she learned that Conrad and her boss had been murdered.

Once in control of her powers, she tried to return to Ares, but found that despite her considerable abilities she was even less desirable as a bodyguard. Not only would she not be a good candidate for showing off company gear, she could barely use the electronics that were such an integral part of daily life. Ares concluded that her condition, despite having been theoretically triggered by work for Ares, was not the fault of the corporation. Her disability payments came to an end and no new jobs materialized within the company. She began to do her own research into the murders, working with a private detective named AJ.

Between the sporadically employed private detective and her lack of income, her savings were running thin when a messenger came to her door, directing her to meet a “Mr Johnson.” At the meeting she recognized Mr Johnson as an Ares executive. She quickly learned that while Ares had no use for her as an on the books employee, they considered her very useful as a deniable asset..

Despite having gotten to know most of her boss’ family quite well when she was working with him, to the best of her knowledge all they know is that she needed to take a “leave of absence due to a medical condition.” She doesn’t think they know she’s a Drake.

There are disadvantages to being a Drake Shadowrunner, the chief one being it’s a rather distinctive feature. She’s known on the street as “Blue Puff”. The name is a reference to the fading blue scale pattern on her flanks, as well as the “mystic blue smoke” hackers seem to like joking about escaping after she’s breathed on a drone or computer system.

Drake (Janet Blake)

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