Shadowrun - The Lost Soul Campaign


The group took on a job for Willy King, a talismonger who owns New Babylon, to check out what’s going on in an orphanage in the Barrons. The kids are mysteriously ill, and the cause can’t be found. The group arrives and the mages notice some bad astral juju. Mal fell unconscience when they got near the orphanage. The team asked some questions and discovered that one of the assistants was being blackmailed. Someone had taken her sister, and in return for her sister’s safety, she drugged everyone before retiring so they could be taken in the night. Legwork revealed that the kidnapper was a former member of the Universal Brotherhood. The team set an ambush for the kidnapper, and discovered very human looking insect spirits were sent to pick everyone up. They discovered the location of the hive, and set off to do some exterminating, after a quick call to Dana Oaks just in case. On the way to the hive, Mal seemed to have some kind of seizure, and Cutler took him to the hospital. The rest of the team continued with the assault. Trixie was mortally wounded, and was saved from death by the appearance of some kind of Desert Spirit, who protected her while the team took out the shamans summoning the queen spirit (who was inhabiting the sister, of course). Trixie woke in the DocWagon facility next to Mal, who it seems had gone Astral and lost his way…


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