Shadowrun - The Lost Soul Campaign

SRM-04-12 Showcase Part 2

The team recovered the artifacts and gave them back to their initial Johnson, in this case the museum and Knight Errant, after wiping out the mages and an exciting car chase involving the first appearance of “I can make it rain (harder)”. The museum and Knight Errant are both pleased, but all the other groups are a little miffed.

Payout: 18,000 + 5,000 hazard pay
Karma: 6
+1 Street Cred
Faction Reps
Atlantean, Draco, Lung, Saeder-Krupp -1

Factions Update
ORC +3
City of Seattle/Knight Errant +2
Atlantean Foundation +1
Draco Foundation -5
Lung / Lin Yao Chang +2
Saeder Krupp -1

street cred +11
public awareness +3
notoriety 0 (remnant of being set up)
SR p.265 – Mal, read up on how this will give you bonuses to some social skills.


brandyb brandyb

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