Shadowrun - The Lost Soul Campaign

SRM-04-12 Showcase


First Trixie goes missing.. well most of her does. She seems to have been pushed physically into another metaplane, with all her cyberware left behind (ew). Mal dives into research (and eventually drugs), Azazel refuses to go through the unstable portal (that closes itself in a day), and no one really knows what to do… a week later, she’s back, but thinks it’s been a year. She’s lost her cyber, but gained magic, and has learned to do some hacking while she’s been away.

The job:

Someone has stolen the powerful, dangerous artifacts that the team has been carefully collecting (and selling). The team has discovered three groups, and it looks like the New Dawn has them… now the only question is who do you want to sell to, and who can give you the best backup. (Since that same group nearly killed Trixie in the last encounter.)


brandyb brandyb

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