Shadowrun - The Lost Soul Campaign

LS02 Bloody Mage

Following up on Anarchy’s note, you found a clinic with a bad rep. Investigating revealed a blood spirit and some kind of experimentation with HMHVV. Going down through the staff roster and interviewing folks, you find an ally within DocWagon who helps you track down the blood mage’s identity, and go after him at his home. Unfortunately, he’s locked in his safe room, but you manage to get his notes before Knight Errant arrives. You think that the clinic was one of several “test sites” and that there is another location called “The Lab”. Your contact at DocWagon also discovered that the Mage took samples of blood from Mal during his last visit to the DocWagon facility. The doctor is currently with Knight Errant, and out of reach, but you think you can find The Lab. Hopefully you’ll find some answers there.


brandyb brandyb

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